Leadership toolkits: Leading with a growth mindset

This series, which we’ve produced together with Six, is designed to delve into the challenges of leading, the styles of leadership and the business environment we find ourselves in.

In our first toolkit, we helped you define your purpose and showed you how to implement it in your day to day lives. This second toolkit is all about how to cultivate The Growth Mindset.

Download the toolkit here.


Here’s a question. You can choose between these two employees:

1) The Fixed Mindset: avoids all challenges, resents other people’s successes and sees generally making an effort as completely pointless.

2) The Growth Mindset: embraces all challenges as learning experiences, is inspired by other people’s successes and gets a kick out of helping and nurturing those around them.

Which do you go for? No prizes for picking the latter apart from being much more likely to succeed. And because every company’s culture is highly influenced by its management, especially in times of upheaval, we’re going to look at how to cultivate 2) The Growth Mindset.

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