Leadership toolkits: Leading with purpose


We live in a time of upheaval in which staying true to a course and leading a team is incredibly challenging. It’s easy to get distracted as both our work lives and the world continue to change at such a rapid pace.

With Six, we’ve put together a toolkit – the first in our Leadership series – that will guide you through different leadership styles, reflect on your purpose and help you become a transformational leader. The toolkit is full of context and activities to help you identify your purpose and continue to lead your team in the most effective and empathetic way possible.

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In our experience, there’s no better way to stay in control and on course than identifying your personal ‘brand’ as a leader and the purpose that drives you.

By identifying your purpose, you always have a frame of reference with which to make decisions and connect with your team. Knowing your purpose helps you ensure you are always heading in the right direction and growing in a way that suits you.

It’s not just our opinions, either. Thanks to Six, we’ve been able to include wisdom and experience from proven leaders in a number of fields, so you can see how purpose and behaviour is really working even in these unprecedented times.

We hope you will find our first in a series of toolkits, ‘Leading with purpose’, valuable. If you have any thoughts on the subject or would like to contribute to a future Leadership Toolkit, please get in touch today.

View the second in the series, leading with a growth mindset, here.

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