A Container Search is a hybrid search service between two common recruitment models: contingency and retained.

Working exclusively, clients pay one upfront fee in order to secure our time and resources. This fee is discounted from the placement fee.

A Container Search is the best of Retained and Contingent search combined. You’ll receive unparalleled service under a shared-risk model. The client pays an engagement fee upfront and we guarantee a shortlist of exceptional candidates to choose from.

A Container Search offers a chance for that necessary trust-building to occur, while reducing the financial risk in a full retained search.

As clients begin to strategise and prioritise their hiring needs, they tend to move away from the more general and surface-level recruiter-client relationships and opt for a trusted partnership with a single recruiter or search firm.

Most container relationships will evolve into retainers as trust builds and staffing is more appropriately planned.

When to use a Container Search

Trusted by the world’s leading companies


Smarter, faster, easier

Our credibility in the market is what sets us apart

All our team have deep expertise in their niche

Our solutions are bespoke and enable smarter and faster hiring – to just make your life easier

We insist on meeting every client and candidate we represent

Uniquely, our consultants are supported by a network of acclaimed figureheads in the marketing leadership community.

You can expect us to build a comprehensive brief, challenge thinking and bring new ideas to ensure the correct search trajectory. We’ll tailor a research-led approach to projects with an advisory and problem-solving style before fusing the latest headhunting techniques and decision science.

Our search model

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tml specialises in accessing this hard to find, passive talent

Job hunting and easy to find.

May consider a change but will only respond to a trusted advisor.

Not looking, but willing to discuss opportunities with a trusted associate.

Happily employed, will not move.