Market Wrap: Anticipating Opportunities in 2024

Market Wrap: Reflecting on 2023 and Anticipating Opportunities in 2024

Welcome to the first Market Wrap of 2024. As we bid farewell to the challenges of 2023, we reflect on a year that saw both caution and resilience in the executive search market. Let’s delve into the highlights of the past year, our current mandates, and what the year ahead holds for us at tml Partners, a leading executive search firm supporting global businesses to find the right marketing, commercial, brand, product, communications and creative leaders.

Headline Appointments in 2023

Despite the uncertainties that loomed large in 2023, quarter four emerged as our busiest period for new marketing and commercial leadership opportunities since early 2022. The launch of Growth Partners, our marketing consultancy and interim business, and the establishment of a dedicated US team focusing on senior appointments across the East Coast and other core markets were significant milestones.

Key appointments included:

    • Brand and Marketing Director for a Premier League football club.
    • Commercial Director for a Tier One US management consulting firm.
    • Marketing Director for an iconic London destination.
    • Product Marketing Director for a global decacorn in the FinTech space.
    • Chief Marketing Officer for one of the world’s largest IT and technology consultancies.

Current Mandates

As we step into 2024, tml has several exciting mandates in progress. Some of the standout roles include:

  • European Commercial Director for a leading sporting brand.
  • Group Director of Communication for a household name in insurance.
  • Global Marketing Director for a rapidly growing brand in fund services and solutions.
  • Chief Marketing Officer for an FDA-regulated crypto business in the UK.
  • Marketing Director for an energy and sustainability consultancy.
  • Head of Digital Marketing for a B2B SaaS company based out of Germany.

Other mandates encompass diverse sectors, ranging from energy and sustainability consultancy to digital marketing for a B2B SaaS company based in Germany. For further details on any of these mandates, get in touch with the team at tml Partners.

What to Expect in 2024

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be a dynamic year with elections on both sides of the pond contributing to an air of caution. However, we anticipate a more positive and forward-looking market as uncertainty surrounding budgeting and spend dissipates.

The US market, in particular, is poised for exciting developments, and we are gearing up for significant CMO roles coming to the forefront. Internationally, Germany is emerging as a key market for marketing leadership, with substantial investments in talent across sectors such as International Law Firms, SaaS, and technology providers.

From a hiring perspective, 2024 is likely to be marked by a focus on client experience, with firms prioritizing leaders capable of building client-centric go-to-market strategies. Trends indicate a continued demand for generalist roles with a focus on ROI and high-growth areas such as account-based marketing. Content remains key, with a strong emphasis on multi-channel messaging for effective lead generation.

In the tech sector, we anticipate a resurgence after a quieter 2023, particularly in areas like product marketing, blockchain, and Web 3. Exciting developments are also expected in the field of demand and automation.

Concluding Notes

As we embark on a new year, tml Partners are energised by the opportunities that lie ahead. Our commitment to delivering exceptional talent and facilitating impactful appointments remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more market insights throughout the year, including roundtables, events, and the second iteration of our flagship campaign, The CMO Report.

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