Managing reputation across sectors: is industry experience necessary?

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tml Partners recently hosted a roundtable debate bringing together communications professionals from across sectors. We were joined by Simon Kutner, Head of Communications at Premier League football club, West Ham United. Simon shared his insight into the challenges of reputational management and kicked off a lively debate on how businesses best look after this pivotal but intangible asset.

Simon started the session by exploring briefly the background to this debate. Industry experience has long been something that is seen as pivotal when moving between comms roles, but, certainly in Simon’s experience, it has never held him back in being successful in a role. Why, therefore, are business leaders assuredly stating that lack of industry experience will present an issue? Communications professionals themselves are less wedded to sector experience being a necessity, so why is it that their colleagues are pushing this agenda? Simon continued to share his insights throughout the session, but at this point the conversation opened around the table. From the discussion, five main themes came out:

1. What are the challenges of hiring across sectors?
2. What are the benefits?
3. What is reputation management all about?
4. Effective ways of managing reputation
5. Employee engagement

Read the full report here.


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