tml Partners source seven marketing and communications hires for Alchemy Global Solutions

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tml Partners, executive search specialists, recently collaborated with Alchemy Global Solutions to boost their marketing and communications division with seven hires

Alchemy Global Solutions is the fastest-growing company in the circular tech market and has achieved the distinction of being one of Apple PLC’s preferred “device trade-in” partners, processing millions of electronic devices annually. With a successful B2B business history spanning seven years and annual revenues exceeding $0.5 billion, Alchemy has solidified its market presence.

In pursuit of maximising its market position, Alchemy Global Solutions ventured into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) realm with Loop-Mobile, an e-commerce platform offering refurbished tech products to consumers across 27 countries. To spearhead this venture and execute its growth strategy, Alchemy appointed Stephen Wise as its Global Marketing Director. Stephen envisioned building an in-house marketing team capable of achieving their ambitious objectives. To bring this vision to fruition, Stephen approached tml Partners, and through a competitive process, we detailed our approach for efficiently and systematically managing the recruitment of seven mid-senior level marketers.

The Challenge:

Stephen Wise faced the challenge of constructing a robust in-house marketing team to drive Alchemy’s ambitious growth plans. The task at hand was to identify, attract, and hire professionals across various marketing specialisms, ensuring that each candidate possessed the exceptional skills and expertise needed to thrive in Alchemy’s dynamic environment and push the brand forward. The positions to be filled included:

  • Head of Brand Marketing
  • Head of Performance Marketing
  • Senior Campaigns Manager
  • Digital Analyst
  • eCommerce Merchandiser
  • Head of B2B Marketing
  • Influencer and Partnerships Manager

Given the strategic importance of these roles in realising Alchemy’s expansion goals, it was also crucial that these hires were delivered in a timely manner.

The Solution:

To address Alchemy Global Solutions’ recruitment imperatives and facilitate the creation of a high-performing marketing team, tml Partners formulated a comprehensive solution. The dedicated project team collaborated closely with Alchemy’s stakeholders throughout the recruitment process.

  • Job Descriptions: tml Partners worked collaboratively with Alchemy to craft precise and compelling job descriptions for each role, meticulously aligning them with the company’s objectives and culture.
  • Market Mapping: tml Partners conducted an exhaustive market mapping exercise, identifying potential candidates across each specialised marketing role. This mapping served as a strategic tool, offering insights into the competitive landscape and aiding in the selection of the most suitable candidates.
  • Competitive Process: Implementing a competitive recruitment process, tml Partners leveraged their extensive network and industry expertise to efficiently identify, assess, and engage top talent.

Leveraging their strategic approach and industry insights, tml successfully delivered seven mid-senior marketers to Alchemy Global Solutions. This accomplishment has empowered Alchemy to execute their ambitious growth strategy effectively.

Stephen Wise, Global Marketing Director of Alchemy Global Solutions, commented: “It’s been great working with tml Partners on this project. It was very important for me to bring the right people into the business at such an important juncture. They have been incredibly helpful in identifying and prioritising the critical roles and supporting us in managing multiple vacancies at the same time. More importantly, I’m delighted with the calibre of the candidates we’ve met via tml Partners, and we’re very proud of those we’ve hired. I’d highly recommend their services.”

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