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CMO Roundtable Series: Should customer experience become a priority over traditional brand marketing for today’s CMO?

Events / 13.03.2018



Download the full report here.

tml Partners and RebeltechPR recently hosted a roundtable discussion with CMOs from different sectors to discuss the changing landscape of marketing, and specifically the importance of customer experience for today’s marketing leaders.

Mark Choueke, Rebeltech CEO and former award-winning editor of Marketing Week, opened the discussion with his view on this rapidly evolving topic.

He began with a definition of the components of customer experience as: 1. Immediate – real-time responses, regular and meaningful innovation; 2. Connected – thanks to platform businesses such as Uber, Airbnb and Netflix as consumers we expect a joined-up experience; 3. Relevant – personalisation and knowing the customer by using data in a meaningful way, and not over-using it; and 4. Human – having a sense of experimentation, setting the right tone and being open to failure, but learning from it.

The debate opened around the table after Mark’s opening and four main themes came out.

  1. Who owns customer experience?
  2. The internal battle
  3. B2B versus B2C
  4. Measuring success in the digital age

Download the full report here.

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